Direct Warping on the

Rigid Heddle Loom

This page is under construction.  If you are interested in the developing workshop, email me or telephone me to be updated.

Participants will warp one loom with one heddle (double-heddle weaving will be a while...)

This workshop is designed for:

Beginning weavers who already know how to warp;

People who are contemplating the purchase of a loom, but are undecided on their many options

People who want to want to learn the simple alternative to the warping board and reel

$30* for a 2-hour (???) workshop [must test theoretical time -- cover broken warp thread??]

(This workshop takes place, officially, from 1:00 to 3:00.  Participants are invited to "hang out" and weave until the 5:00 closing time.)

Enrollment limited two looms*, at this point. (Individual on one loom: $30, partners on one loom: $45)

If you want to bring your own loom and yarn, please let me know beforehand, so that I can accommodate you to the best of my ability.

[possible dates]

Saturday, month/date

Wednesday, month/date