Beginning Weaving Styles

Participants will work in rotation on pre-warped rigid heddle looms representing [three/four] different styles that are easily achievable for beginning weavers.  Topics covered will be "balanced vs. weft-faced," "color and pattern", " [either "warp and weft floats" - or -- "hand-manipulated weave] "grouped and spaced yarns" ......

This workshop is [designed/intended] for:

Beginning weavers who already know how to warp

People who are contemplating the purchase of a loom, but are undecided on loom type

People who want to experience textile production for sheer cultural enjoyment.

$30* for a 2-hour workshop" (This workshop takes place, officially, from 1:00 to 3:00.  Participants are invited to "hang out" and weave until the 5:00 closing time so that they might have addition time to work some more on favored styles.)

Enrollment limited to [3/4].

--*Because participants will be working in turn on pre-warped projects (as opposed to making individual projects to take home) there will be no materials fee.

[possible dates]

This workshop will be held once on a Saturday

and again on the following Wednesday.

It probably won't happen until after May 1, when I take a leave of absence from my morning job.

This page is under construction.  If you are interested in the developing workshop, email me or telephone me to be updated.

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